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Most Common Offshore Accidents

There are many industries that operate primarily offshore, such as cargo transportation, fishing, cruise ships, ferries, offshore oil drilling, and more. Injuries that occur at sea can be caused by ...
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New Information Uncovered Regarding BP Oil Spill

Investigators Discover Why Key Safety Device May Have Failed Four years after the most devastating offshore oil spill in the United States' history, federal investigators have discovered why an ...
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Traffic Slows Through the Mississippi River

In the past, the Mississippi River was known as a high-traffic travel route for oil barges and other large vessels trying to collect oil from the grounds below. Yet The Maritime Executive reports that ...
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Ship Sinking Leaves One Man Missing After Collision with Ferry

On the morning of March 10, an Indonesian ship sank off the coast of Singapore after colliding with a ferry. One crew member from the Indonesian ship is still missing, and Singapore's Maritime and ...
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Cautioning Against Offshore Adjusting Firms

A claim adjuster exists in order to research the accident you were involved in for the insurance company in order to determine fault and affirm or deny a parties fault or liability in a claim. These ...
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Fire Still Burning in Louisiana Bayou

On March 15, three days after a tug and oil barge hit a pipeline filled with Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG), the resulting fire was still raging in a Louisiana bayou about 30 miles south of New Orleans. ...
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Barge Collides with Mississippi River Bridge

In Jackson, Mississippi, an oil spill shut down traffic on an entire section of the Mississippi River this weekend. According to Yahoo! News, a tug boat that was pushing two tank barges down the ...
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Senator Says Mississippi River Can Sustain Navigation Through End of Month

On January 8 th, the American Waterways Operators (AWO) and Waterways Council, Inc. (WCI) had reason to celebrate as they listened to the official statements made by Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) and the ...
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150th Anniversary of the USS Hatteras Sinking Brings New Images

The USS Hatteras was a Civil War vessel that was shot down in a battle with the Confederate raider CSS Alabama. The steamship was riddled with bullet wounds when she met the Alabama in an uneven ...
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Tug Boat Catches Fire near Maui

A tugboat traveling approximately 70 miles off the coast of Maui, Hawaii caught fire on December 5, prompting several Coast Guard crews to come to its rescue. The commercial tug Phyllis Dunlap gave a ...
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Iowa Plant Fined $4 Million for Sewage Dumping

An Iowa corn-processing plant has been fined $4.1 million and will have to spend another $17 million to improve its sewage system as part of a court agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency ...
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What Caused the Deadly Hong Kong Ferry Crash?

In the wake of the devastating Hong Kong ferry crash that killed 38 people and injured hundreds, investigators are trying to uncover the true cause of the accident. One of the current theories is that ...
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Seven Seamen Kidnapped in Nigeria

Seven crewmembers of the Bourbon Liberty 249 were kidnapped off the coast of Nigeria on October 15. Representatives from Bourbon say that the seven men were kidnapped when pirates boarded the ship. ...
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German Bulk Ship Leaves USA, Suffers Massive Explosion

The German container ship, MSC Flaminia, had recently left port from Charleston, South Carolina and was on its way back to Bremerhaven, Germany. Suddenly and without warning, a large explosion stopped ...
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Hong Kong Ferry Crash Result of Fatigued Crew

A recent Hong Kong ferry crash has shed some light on one of the banes of the maritime industry, hours of operation. For years there have been concerns over vessel operator fatigue, but last ...
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Salvage Team Making Progress on Rena Wreck

Resolve Salvage & Fire recently removed their first 600 tons of steel from the Rena wreck located off the coast of New Zealand. Resolve is an international organization that does salvages in the ...
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Africa's Titanic: One of the Worst Maritime Accidents in History

Ten years have passed since the people of Africa experienced their very own Titanic maritime accident, one that claimed many more lives. The government funded ferry, the MV Le Joola, tragically sank ...
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Woman Missing from Cruise Ship near Florida

The Coast Guard is currently searching for a 21-year-old woman who fell overboard a cruise ship near Florida last Sunday night. This information was released from the Coast Guard. The accident took ...
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Is Private Security a Good Idea?

In February of 2012, members of an Italian navy Vessel Protection Detachment shot two Indian fishermen. It is alleged that the Italian navy members thought the fishermen were pirates. A new report, ...
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Kirby Corporation Agrees to Acquire Allied Transportation

Kirby Corporation, the largest domestic take barge operator in the United States, agrees to purchase assets of Allied Transportation Company. Kirby Corporation is transports bulk liquid products ...
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Crew Member Injured Trying to Extinguish Vessel Fire

According to reports by the U.S. Coast Guard, a 55 year old crew member of the container ship Jupiter was severely injured while attempting to extinguish a fire that broke out onboard the ship while ...
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Marine Academy Acquires State-of -the-Art Training Vessel

The United States Department of Transportation has acquired a new vessel – the MV Liberty Star. The ship will be used by the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, New York to train ...
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Obama Administration Contributes to Merchant Maritime Academy

Last year, President Barak Obama stated that, "A world-class education is the single most important factor in determining not just whether our kids can compete for the best jobs but whether ...
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Midwest Drought Making Barge Travel Difficult

The Midwest is experiencing one of the most severe droughts our nation has ever seen. The lack of rain isn't just bad for the crops. It is also hurting the transportation industry. Many of the ...
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New Maritime Training Program in the Gulf

The Gulf Coast is home to a majority of the nation's maritime workers. Spanning across only five U.S. states, this small area has a large role in the offshore industry. It is for this reason that ...
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